Small Vertical Electric Roll Mill


CE CertificationSmall Electric Roll Mill
 - CE Certification
It has forward and reverse speeds for hand use and it has a safety wire.
A unique safety release bar to meet CE marking.
The machine is set up for forward and reverse manually.
Forward and reverse jog.
Foot pedal action forward and reverse.
Width of Steel, Chrome plated Rollers = 400 mm
Adjustable thickness form 0.5 mm to 10 mm
Lifting point incorporated for easy of installation.

Small Vertical Electric Roll Mill - Video Poster

Video demonstration of Vertical Roll Mill
with 2 Part Silicone Elastomers


Size of machine.
Full length = 630 mm
Roller length = 400 mm
Roller diameter = 100 mm
Width = 470 mm
Height = 430 mm
Weight = * MW-10 (approx. 140 Kg)

Electric Power Supply.
Available in 110 volts and 220/240 V
Power Consumption 500 Watts

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