Full Access Bench Top Electric Roll Mill


CE Certification

Full Access Bench Top Electric Roll Mills - CE Certification
With single motor (PST-EBR-3) and dual motor option (PST-EBR-4)

Both machines have:
an electronic measuring gauge.
an improved bottom roll drop system (making it easier to use)

The dual motor version has the ability of changing the roll speed independently for upper and lower roll.

Two Roll Mill Price List May 2022 - PDF Download

Floor Standing Horizontal Electric Roll Mill

For Milling and Calendering 2 Part Silicone
See the VersaSil product range for suitable products.


Stainless steel Rollers

Size of machine.
Width = 1050 mm
Depth = 500 mm
Height = 450 mm

Electric Power Supply.
230 Volt, 1 Ph and earth (50/60 Hz).

Update 2021 with Light Guard